With PreCheck, consumers can take their temperature anywhere, using an FDA approved, Bluetooth-enabled smart thermometer with the additional option of adding an at home infectious disease test. This empowers them to prove, and request proof from others, that they have tested negative for an infectious disease.
Businesses are changing the way they take precautionary measures for their health and safety of their employees and their customers. But unlike airports and other companies that are used to funneling large crowds, most of the business are not prepared causing long lines and even longer wait times just to get in.
As businesses across the country are starting to reopen, workers and customers need to be assured that they're unlikely to encounter an infectious disease. Fully restarting the global economy is going to require being able to clearly separate the vulnerable from the well. We need to get back to enjoying sports, socializing with our friends, enjoying our summer breaks and attending large gatherings.

Introducing PRECHECK

By X.Labs

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Individuals/Consumers are able to take their temperature, see past data, integrate with other apps, and much more. To scan their temperature, we first use a facial recognition scan to make sure their face matches up with their profile. The temperature results are automatically sent to destinations the user selects like employers or brands (sports arena, restaurants, etc.)



    Precheck uses the HealthXert QR code to allow individuals to gain access to their places of work, shop, eat, and socialize safely and responsibly.

    Precheck’s touchless service allows everything to run smoothly and more efficient while in compliance with social distancing.

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