Gathering The Healthy

With PreCheck, your company can monitor the temperature and health of your employees to keep everyone safe on a daily basis.

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Introducing PRECHECK

By X.Labs

4 Simple Steps

Precheck uses our complete suite of products that is completely customizable to your company's needs. 


Enables customers to prepare for future threats to their assets, people, and customers. It’s built on a modern tech stack with flexibility allowing customers to use it as a service or bring it in house.

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Smart Thermometer

Integrates with the Precheck app to take a temperature, and store past results.

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Disease Testing

Our testing kit is FDA authorized to test safely at home. You'll receive fast and digital results within 72 hours of receiving your kit.

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Wellness Survey

A fully customizable questionnaire for employees and customers to complete before coming in.

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Precheck uses the HealthXert QR code to allow individuals to gain access to their places of work, shop, eat, and socialize safely and responsibly.

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When ready the vaccine results will integrate with the Precheck App.

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Gathering THe Healthy


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